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i DON’T kNoW..,


from creator’s prospect
i didn’t understand ,
didn’t understand why i am here
truly speaking i always ponder upon these

keeping secrets all around
from family, friends and distant collegues
why i lost life’s unmatched beauty
truly speaking i always ponder upon these.

easily my thoughts decided my destiny,
my love and other pleasing ceremonies
why my actions lost their journey being so lonely
truly speaking i always ponder upon these.

eyes were my notebook now
noting every atoms in scrutiny
measuring why my friends thought me a madman now
truly speaking i always ponder upon these.

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First Priority-I

IMG_6553.JPGBeing so selfish now a days

keeping all the matter of others
in a dirty rag of of absurds
and think of me, mine, my & myself all day.

Lots and lots time i might have destroyed
and lots and lots of hopefull friends
talking only about me and my miseries all day
days passed hovering my eyes, but i was still a child.

I was finding love one day,
and exciting new friends the other.
I greeded a brand new life every day
I forgot watering and burnt all my garden.

Mastering or analysing whatever it might be
I came to the very answer one day,
for the question i was unaware of
that in my priority list there was I, I, and I.

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THE ELeVatoR was empty.

Still feeling fucking high,

Not over the sky, nor the hills

Looking only from inside.

Thy sucking my soul out.


Keep apart, apart more than sunrise to sunset.

Knowing, you only want to rust.


Replicating miseries in yours, chaotically,

as the fireballs burning my thirst.


As a left part of me wanted the right.

Only, my eyes were blind enough I couldn’t see that sight.


Felt, today, future would have been more easy.

Yesterday , the ladders were just balanced enough.

Only today I couldn’t climb the elevator.

For I felt so lonely that ,

without your hand over

THE ELeVatoR was empty.







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Being Manly

  1. Don’t beg for attention.
  2. Don’t make Any excuse.
  3. Don’t allow others to take you down.
  4. Stay focused whatever it takes you to get there./AIM
  5. You Must be fearless.
  6. Believe in yourself.
  7. You won’t fear from love, love again.
  8. Keep moving Always.
  9. Do what you dream , what’s your passion.
  10. Be Happy from yourself.


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A bit is tiny choice.

My Dreams are betraying me.

that I and dream are parallel

for the beauty-fullest moment with her

knowing she wouldn’t possess this

but then where are the other options.

Fear is the truth,lies shattering

from thy agony of propelling disaster

it tries to master me all ever.

You see how I escape once more.

swallow waters will again get calm.

dreams brought me here, momentarily.

I took the hand of momentarily pleasure.

what could have happened else.

make you old enough , wouldn’t see further

as you chose the twig leaving the branch.


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N… MY own way

There’s nothing i can do 

nothing that was done.before,,

nothing that were ment to me,

nothing so much empty as before

I mean it as one wholesome…

one that’s oculus in it’s  destiny.

I had those precaution ….

to mine.. to heart.. rather more appropriate happYness

regarded as the default.

mustn’t need them..AT aLL

So 1 day I reset mine..

knowledge of the default gateways

 to make things done.


MY OWN WAY…!! yeah

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Souls of Love


At your Certain thought

that all my days passes by.
Those twilight of happiness
excites me heavily …that
i didn’t fall to masses for several hours.

Life is journey, said by all…
all I say is let it be the
umbrella, throwing rays, smashing drops…
Some days ago a year gone,]
going in relaxation another onneeee
kin as our weekends…ahhhh..aa aaa
..! back to business !
underrrnneath carryingg souls..

souls,,souls of loaaaavvveee..aa..yeah.!

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img_1659.jpgFor perfect day I was going by,
the river and creeks, waiting,
watching upon the shining streaks.
The light shyingly touched me

For my life, it was long to go,
by the forest and stabbing wilderness.
knowing my foot cracking those leafs aloud.
Still I found the light was peeking me.

For a moment i was Rocking by those,
under the branches over the flowers,
twisting my joints over and under.
flickering those twigs,the rays were twinkling on me.